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Triana Energy, LLC is an independent, privately held oil and gas exploration and production company headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia. Triana Energy and its management team have a long and successful history of operating in the Appalachian Basin. Its leadership has more than 170 years of collective industry experience and has provided consistent growth in production and distribution. Excellence in operations is the cornerstone of the company’s success and why it is widely recognized as an industry leader in the region. From accounting to geoscience, Triana Energy professionals have the knowledge and expertise to execute on the most complex projects in our industry, in a manner that supports the surrounding community and its economy. With state-of-the-art technology and science, skilled technical professionals, experienced management, and a keen eye to the future, Triana Energy is positioned to be an energy leader in the Appalachian Basin for years to come.

Triana Energy, Twenty-First Century Explorers


Contrary to a story that appeared in the publication Energy In Depth, where Triana Energy was identified as having used diesel fuel in its well completions, Triana Energy does not, and has never, used diesel fuel in any well completion fluids.

A clerical error was made in a posting to the web site, FracFocus.org when a vendor mistakenly identified diesel fuel as a component of a formulation used in a well completion. The product referenced in that formulation had been discontinued by the vendor prior to the well having been drilled in 2008. Before discovering the error, Triana Energy posted the information to the web site. Once Triana discovered the mistake, the information was corrected and reposted to the FracFocus web site. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection was properly advised of this clerical error and formal filings were made correctly.